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Friday, July 26, 2013

More Dandelion Love

First fell in love with this botanical illustration by Erika Beyer (who just so happens to be from Eugene) when I saw them at Karin Clarke Gallery.  What she's illustrating here is the dye colors different part of the dandelion plant produces.  See?   She's teaching you without words.  How cool is that? Plus not sure exactly what it is she's got going on in the upper right, but I think its her version of a seedpuff blowing away.  Oh and those simple black and white leaf parts. There's a whole lot to love here.  Well I was one happy camper when I found out Ms Beyer has a little card line too.  Which are now gracing the shelves chez Passionflower.
There's an iris and a horsetail and I love her series on plant pollinators too.

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