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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Having Fun in Card Land

  A while back, I realized that constant expansion was not a workable, long term, growth strategy for the store.  I think every business needs to find the size where it does best.  And I think I've found mine.  But being me, which means I am rarely satisfied for long, just because I'm not growing size wise, doesn't mean I don't want to keep getting better.  Hence my new strategy to refine and deepen what I already have at  Passionflower.  And I thought I 'd start with our card section.
So we've added more racks and there's room for 75 or so more cards!  We have a thank you section and a wedding section and lots and lots of our favorite cards from many of our long time vendors and small presses. Hello Lucky, Lark Press, P. Flynn, Saturn Press, Rifle Paper, Waste Not Paper, and Papaya all have an expanded presence at the store.  It's been super fun to troll through my (after almost 20 years of doing this) extensive memory bank of cards I love and pick the best for you. 

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