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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A little Birdwatching in the back alleys of Eugene

 Here's a photo of our back alley, land of recycling and UPS deliveries and the occasional hobo and general kind of urban wasteland.  But place where we store sticks and sometimes take photos because there is good natural light.

One day, Becky put a little piece of ponderosa pine bark inside the abandoned electric meter. Just Becky being her usual artsy self while doing the recycling.  Well , lo and behold, some enterprising young bird couple found it the perfect place to build a nest.

Not much to look at but pretty homey for them.   And pretty exciting for us to think we had a bird nest outside the back door.  I i.d.'d them and they're dark eyed juncos!

 To me, this speaks to the resilient power of nature, even in the midst of the concrete jungle, these birds made a little oasis from the Passionflower bark and stick piles.  I will never complain to my staff again about the need to "get rid" of all those messy sticks and bark out there.

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