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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Out and About

 Under the headings of "I need to get out more" and "I love my customers" come these two charming  photos courtesy  Sue Prichard.  Sue holds a special place in Passionflower history because she was the real estate broker who first walked around the dirt floors of what was to become my first little store down by the train station.  I think it's fair to say, Sue was there from the start.  Plus Sue has a great eye and she travels and lots of times she sends me photos of storefronts from her trips. How lucky am I?
 Above, a pretty little florist shop display of hydrangea, sweet william and green trix from her recent trip to Austria and Germany.  Plus,  I love presenting flowers in a box.  To me it's perfect wabi sabi - something living and green inside something manmade and recitlinear.

And despite the glare from the window, I am completely intrigued by this beautiful  homespun display of dried fruit. I love the way traveling can open our eyes to new things.    And I love all the travelers we've been getting coming through the store.  I want them to send pics to their friends too, saying ," check out these photos from my trip through Eugene"

photos courtesy  Sue Prichard

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