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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Night

In case you missed the memo, downtown Eugene is rocking these days with all manner of people wandering the streets and a veritable panoply of food love - I like to start at one end and go down to the other counting all the new restaurants that have opened up in just the last year (and forgive me if I miss one, because there just might be one popping up that I missed) :  Dalia, Bon Mi , Larry's Cupcake, Barn Light, Soubise, First National Taphouse, Red Wagon Creamery, Party Downtown, ( are you sensing a theme yet?) & holding down the east end of downtown, the lovely Noisette.  Lots of these places are sporting flowers from the shop and a plant or two and this makes us happy.  Plus every now and then one of your new neighbors sends you a Facebook message saying she's testing out some gluten free brownies, did I want to come try some?  Why yes I did and thank you very much Tobi from Noisette.  I think I'll pick up a few of those macaroons too for my crew.  

Here's a little photo from Noisette of some cupcakes Tobi  made with blue  borage flowers and thyme leaves.  Aren't they just beautiful?  Tobi and I could do a beautiful wedding together. :)
And so it's another Friday night in downtown Eugene and we're going to be open tonight until 7  for Susan Goodwin's trunk show and we've committed to being open on First Fridays and we're thinking about being open every Friday night because we want to be one more little sparkle lighting up the evening in downtown Eugene.

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