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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Coming of Spring

Happy Groundhog Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, whatever you choose to call it, this is the day we're halfway between the darkness of winter and the coming of spring.  Traditionally when lambs give birth, when the buds are swelling on the trees, when lighting a candle feels very hopeful  and when: 
"We see the the change of the year here from the darker days of Winter to the lengthening days of Spring. It is the first harbinger of spring, the assurance that the Wheel is turning and the long warm days of summer will return" (quote from Yahoo answers).  Can you feel it?
  And I am back from New York, getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Looking for pussywillow and hellebore and quince blossoms in my yard.  Everything seems a little behind not quite where it usually is this time of year.  And each day unfurling some new wonder.

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