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Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Tree or Not to Tree

 Brrrr....it's cold outside, like frosty the snowman cold, one of the coldest days we've had in a year or so....and so I am  wishing I had been more attentive to my potted plants on the porch.  Probably the geraniums won't make it but I am hoping the succulents do.  In the meantime, while my jasmine would probably have easily survived a freeze, I'm glad I brought it inside a couple of weeks ago. 

 It became my de facto Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and tinsel.....and no needles to drop and no tree to dispose of......sort of perfect solution for me during extra busy time of year.

Plus it's on wheels so I can move it from room to room!!!  Anyway I am smitten with this because I love the conservatory feeling and enjoying big tall plants in the home during the winter.  But I am still learning.  It's so tricky bringing plants inside, like last year this jasmine (aka Christmas tree) got covered with  some kind of mealy moth bug and almost died.  I just read in this very informative article from Portland Nursery  some excellent tips for helping your semi hardy outdoor plants make it through the cold winter times. 

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