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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Every Artist Needs this Book

Feel like you've got a book inside you?  Well my friend, I don't believe you are alone.  

As you know, chez Passionflower we love books.  In fact in my darker moments:

But thankfully, these are just my darker moments, because I'm in retail....
and I really do love people. And,  you know how we can be at Passionflower - any excuse for a party is a good one for us and so we were thrilled when our pal Vicki Amorose agreed to have her book launch at the store during the First Friday Artwalk on Feb 1. 

Vicki's  book, ART-WRITE is  a non fiction piece that teaches artists how to talk about their work. We all know that  hyper talented artist who breaks out into a sweat when you ask them what inpsired them. Well this is the book for them. 
 Stop by for a book signing, short reading,  and pick up a copy for yourself or your favorite artist.  We'll also be showing new ceramic work by Betsy Wolfston, whose writing process is featured in ART-WRITE,

I'm really looking forward to this event as I adore both Vicki & Betsy and find Vicki to be one of the funniest people I know. Should be a great crowd and we'll have nibbles and libations.
Click here to find out more about Vicki and her book.

top two images from google and bottom image courtesy Vicki Amorose

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