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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Drink Discovery for the New Year

 I had everyone from our little Passionflower staff  over for a little holiday dinner chez moi, last Monday.  Tiffany and Mark from Party Cart came over and cooked for us ( a little decadent, but we deserve it)....And Tiffany  turned me on to St Germain, an elderflower liquer.....read all about it here....all I can say is "wow"...For starters the bottle is great and then it tastes like I guess nectar is a good word to describe it.
She mixed it with champage (thank you Kathy Re), tequila, and a little grapefruit juice.

Plus, makes me want to wander right over to the Juliska glassware aisle of Passionflower and start planning my next cocktail hour.
top photo from google, bottom photo courtesy Juliska

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