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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hosting a Holiday Party

 A few ideas for great holiday parties.  Tis the season and we're here to help with just about everything but the food.  I love entertaining
 Hello, start with candles.  I start with a big lantern outdoors to welcome people.  And in my world you can never have too many candles - the more the merrier.  I scatter these beautiful cast iron Sequoia candlesticks down the center of my dining table.  They're dramatic but delicate and people can still talk over them. I like the beeswax candles because they put off just the subtlest hint of honey without being overpowering at the dining table. Plus candlelight always makes your guests look good.  And if you have one, make sure that fireplace is all aglow.

 And flowers - again the more the merrier although I think you can do just fine with a few dramatic and strategically placed blooms.  Don't be shy.
And music counts, for a lot!!! Live music is best, so welcome friends young and old who like to play but have a good selection of CD's already cued up.  Music totally sets the tone.....

 And try to have something slightly nerdy & ridiculous for folks to do......it loosens people up and puts them in the party mood.  Mistletoe, a guessing game,white elephant, sparklers, sing alongs and more all work.   If there's going to be lots of kids, considering hiring a sitter and have a play place for kids to hang out (and I don't mean putting them in front of a TV). 
So there you have it candles, flowers, music, (and food too) but really the most important ingredient at your party are your guests!  So enjoy them and have fun!

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