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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Buying Local and Smelling Good

The buy local message resonates with me for the obvious reasons  (I'm a small local retailer !)....but I have also been taking it to heart and trying to do more of my buying locally.  Florists in Oregon are lucky in this respect because we have a lot of great growers working here....but I am trying to refine the local to get even more and more local.  (Like buying in Eugene instead of having it shipped from Portland).   And while I didn't gather the greens for my holiday wreaths in my backyard ( I was too busy, raising the sheep and spinning the yarn for my holiday gift giving (ha)), I think they are about as close to local as I can get.  And here's why that's good news for you - that means these are fresh, fresh, fresh, as in cut and made within a week from when you get it.  Which means they're going to last longer and smell better.  Just one more example of the win / win that comes from buying local.  So come buy a fresh, local wreath from us and we'll customize it for you with ribbon,fruits, cones, and flowers!

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