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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Big Storm

Wow,  the emails have been pouring in from our East Coast vendors - things like,  "we are all fine and out of harm's way but our warehouse is damaged", "we expect to reopen our shipping department next week", or "the power is out and we have not been receiving emails or faxes"...  a florist wrote about finding her dumpster overturned in the middle of her shop.  Basically, it's not life as you usually know it for lots and lots of folks - Silver Seasons Jewelry, Juliska tabletop, the beloved striped Ana Candles, Graphic Image, all these vendors and more are experiencing deep delays and disruptions because of the storm on the East Coast -this during what is probably one of their busiest delivery times of the year.

  Reading these emails just puts things in perspective for me.   Because I can be impatient.  And sometimes a lot impatient.  Okay, those of you who know me, stop rolling your eyeballs and snorting in agreement with the last statement.  What can I say? I give the best service I can and I expect the same from others.  But you know, if my holiday jewelry order is 2 or 3 weeks late, and if I run out of my favorite striped candle,  I guess I'm just going to chill out and swing with it, because I didn't come into work today and find the dumpster in the middle of my sales floor.  And I;m not sending long emails to my customers explaining why I'll be completely  unable to meet my commitments to them.  It's just bad out there.  And I feel bad for all those left picking up the pieces.   And a little helpless too.
All I can really do is practice some patience. 

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