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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Fall Food Palette

 I have always loved the warm, woodsy, nutty brown colors of the fall landscape paired with a soft, soothing, creamy white.  Always!!!  And now it appears to be right on trend which makes us happy because it means there's lots of fun product out there: like the extremely versatile creamy burlap runner and the plaid napkins seen above.  My manufacturer calls it their Belgian inspired offerings.  Ha!  We call it Little House on the Prairie.

 And oh happy days, here comes Chronicle Books cookbook cover that's right in the same colorway!  We are super excited to dive into this cookbook.  Homemade butters, Irish Stew and soda bread all sound pretty perfect right about now. With great photos and fun  illustrations, this cookbook makes you want to cook.  And isn't that what a good cookbook ought to do?

So here I go, and just for entertainment purposes,  I think I'll cook food that's all in my nutty brown and creamy color palette too!!!

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