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Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Top Picks for 2013 Calendars

 I know it's a little early yet, what with fall barely being here, but we're starting to bring calendars in.  Because if we don't bring them in early, our vendors might run out of them    A few of our faves are the ever popular Papaya 12 Muses....

 Loving this new vintage style calendar from Cavallini....

And  the calendar from Chicago based Snow & Graham just  makes us happy.
Calendars are a funny thing what with outlook and iphones, we're not so much using them to track
appointments and soocial engagements.  I sometimes wonder if they will become a thing of the past.
But then it's always comforting to have something beautiful and tangible to refer to.
Someday I'd like to illustrate a calendar that is a sort of natural history of the Northwest.

all images courtesy their respective vendors

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