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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Le Jacquard Francais Trunkshow at Passionflower

 We couldn't be happier to let you know that we are having a Le Jacquard Francais Trunk Show on Thursday October 18th from 1 - 6.  This means that the extremely charming and knowledgeable rep  Lynn Sultemeier will be here with loads of napkins samples, their new holiday collection, and other goodies.  This is a chance to look, touch, and feel this amazing line.  Find out about how it's made and how to take care of it so it will last forever. 

 PLUS - we'll be offering 20% discount on all special orders at the show.  This is really a rare occurrence and I encourage you to take advantage of this if you're looking for a special holiday table,  some heirloom linens, or maybe you'd love to get your mother a lovely apron for Christmas, or buy all your friends teatowels. This is the time to do it.


Why do we love this line so much?  Let us count the ways: 1) It gets better with age.  The more you wash it
the better it feels.   And the designs are not ink printed on textiles, instead they are colored threads woven together, so they never fade.    2) The quality of the materials is excellent.  These guys know their textiles.  For example they have six different linen suppliers from different parts of the world and they reformulate the material based on how crops did in different parts of the world. What does this mean to you?  Besides the fact that it is extremely durable, it also means it will wash and clean up beautifully.  Good material is way more stain resistant. The majority of the line is made up of cotton textiles but they have a good selection of 100% linen pieces too. And they now have a coated pieces for al fresco dining.  These are not the plastic tablecloths of our childhoods.   3) Did I mention how beautiful it is?  This line is all about color and playfulness yet still sophisticated.  Some people like to mix and match for a cacophony of color, other like to find the piece that looks perfect with their dishware.  It's all a question of personal taste.

Besides showing samples of all the tablecloths, we'll have a huge selection of teatowels .  We sell scads of these teatowels and they make a great hostess gift with a pair of candles or a bottle of wine.  .  But we've also seen customers upholster furniture and sew skirts out of them.    And they look pretty fun all framed up in the photo above. 
 Think of LJF linens as couture for dressing your table.  All tables need a little wardrobe change every now and then. So please join us.  We'll have refreshments and a drawing to give away a gift from LJF.
Plus  bring in your favorite dishes and the professional stylists at Passionflower (that's us,  the lovely salespeople)  will be on hand to help you set a most festive table. 
P.S.  This just may be the year I splurge on that linen tablecloth
P.P.S.  Sorry for so wordy a blog, I guess I have a lot to say about this line.
All images courtesy Le Jacquard Francais

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