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Friday, September 14, 2012

What Exactly is a Moss Ball

 There are some uber talented people out there in the world and Anne Korn is one of them.  Some of you may know her as half of the creative duo at Raven Frameworks or perhaps as she who was the baker at Cafe Soriah for many years.  But I also know her as someone who is a really excellent plantswoman and, though I don't stop in her studio nearly enough, I always know I will be enchanted by one kind or another plant obsession she has going on. Recently she showed me some sketches she was doing for things she called moss balls.  Be still my beating heart!  You know, one of those moments.


So Anne has worked up some beautiful moss balls for us at Passionflower and I am over picking my favorites.  She tells me that it's actually an old bonsai technique.  And we talk about collecting moss and a little about the life cycle of the plant and ethical harvesting.  Like how long does it really take for a say, 1' x 2' sheet of moss to grow back?  She tells me her favorite places to go collecting.  I am trying very hard to listen and not be distracted by all the wondrous plants and art around me.  Also we consider the most beautiful possibilities for containing the moss balls.  Anne favors flattish rocks or Asian dishes. And what about slabs of wood and clear glass? We are both a little obsessed.  Look for these little beauties any day now at Passionflower.
And click here should you like to learn more about Raven Frameworks and if you live in Eugene, might I suggest a visit to their studio where, if you are lucky, they might still have two amazing Rick Bartow pieces on display.

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