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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tillandsia Boutonniere

oops.....no blogging for a while now which generally means I've been deep in some flower world work or I've been traveling.  In  this case the recent blog break meant both. We had a busy, busy but very satisfying wedding week at Passionflower & then I took  a quick trip to Seattle.  Back to the blog and here's a  little photo of a boot (that's floral talk for boutonniere) that Becky made to perfectly illustrate our belief at Passionflower that God is in the details - a saying I have heard variously attributed to Mies van der Rohe, Michaelangelo, & my grandfather. They may have all said it and not sure if it really matters who said it first.  Just like it doesn't really matter that Becky is not the first person to ever use a tillandsia in a boutonniere, what matters is that she did it so beautifully.  Plus, she mixed two kinds of berries - viburnum and hypericum which added that subtle and undefinable "je ne sai quoi" to make this one of my all time favorite P-flower boutonnieres.

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