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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ode to my Delivery Driver

Our delivery driver the Reverend Chuck Buster, died from complications from cancer on Monday August 13th. Chuck was an elder in the Nazarene Church, married for 54 years to his high school sweetheart, he didn't read the Register Guard because it was too radical and never went to a movie rated anything other than G. He was, as they say, a straight arrow - someone completely trustworthy, which is exactly what I want in a delivery driver. Not to mention he was also a whiz with a map (and this was in the days before mapquest) and almost always willing to take that late or last minute delivery. Chuck had slowed a bit in recent years and was only doing deliveries on Saturdays for Passionflower, and I was never able to talk him into wearing a tux and white gloves for Valentine's Day deliveries,  but I consider myself lucky to have had someone like Chuck working for me for as long as I did.
I learned how ill he was shortly before I left for New York and knew he has just a few months left. Little did I know, it was less than a week. I was out of town and unable to go to his service. We sent some beautiful flowers. We are all a little shocked around here. He was the patriarch of his extensive clan, I am sure, surrounded at death, by many who loved him deeply.  Our hearts go out especially to his wife Eunice who was his faithful and loyal companion, accompanying him on most of his deliveries. He will be missed.   RIP Chuck.

photo of arrow tray courtesy John Derian  

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