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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Friends in New York

Another reason I go to shows (besides as previously mentioned finding you the good stuff) is I get to meet some interesting people. Like my new pal Miles (above) who I met at Laura Zindel's booth. Turns out, when he isn't helping Laura at her amazing booth at the gift show, he's a freelance florist in Manhattan. Miles specializes in flowers for film and t.v. and did the flowers for among other things, Sex in the City and Ugly Betty. And immediately we are bonded, because, despite the semi glam of his resume, I know just how flippin much work it must have taken to do what he did. (Three people working seven days a week for six weeks to do Sex and the City flowers). He knows I know. Then, of course, we are double bonded, because, despite the fact that I have not covered my forearms in tattoos based on Laura Zindel's drawings, we are both huge (as in HUGE) fans of her work.

And we are both completely taken with her new designs.  Here's a sneak peak above of one of my faves:
an owl skull with feathers and eggs.  Stay tuned for lots of great new Laura Zindel designs arriving at Passionflower in October including mushrooms, wishbones, chicken claws and other high fabulousness. 

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