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Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's Going On?

Who says there's nothing going on in Eugene?  Oh, that would be me.  Frequently. Sometimes I am wrong.  Like last month on First Friday.  Passionflower is taking the summer off on First Fridays which means I actually got to enjoy the going ons of downtown.  And I wandered into this fabulous show put on by the Everybody Art Collective.  Lots of young, hipster art students from U of O having a great time.

I also  picked up this great print for a song.  So, to the customer who came into the store this week and asked me, " Now that Opus VII is closed, where can you buy original art in this town?".  I  would say to her, get thee out to First Friday and buy some local art.  Make an artist happy.  Spread the love.  And take something beautiful home.
P.S.  You can also go over to the Art Annex where Kirsten and Karin feature work of Northwest Artists and what about another favorite White Lotus for something more asian inspired?  And of course, you can always poke around Passionflower and find something inspirational for your walls too!

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