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Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Pick a Paint Color

 Okay, truth be told, the store has been leaving me feeling a little uninspired lately.  Now it's not like I've never been in this spot before and I keep being able to pull a rabbit out of my hat.  Although there is this tiny little voice wondering if maybe this is it, the time the mojo leaves and never comes back. And then I manage to pull myself back from that abyss, calm myself down a little, and just keep at it knowing that this too shall pass.
And it does, when Becky says, "We need to do something with this butterfly cabinet".  And I think, "She is so right, hmmmm what can we do?".....Hmmm....nothing a little paint couldn't solve.

And off I go, Sferra linen napkin in hand, to the paint store.  "Can they please match this napkin color for me?".  And then I watch Chris go, go paintbrush in hand.  And there is some extended discussion amongst us as to whether we ought to paint it completely blue or leave a white frame.  And the white frame won.
And would that it were always this easy.  One blue cabinet later and I am completely re-inspired about all the possibilities for  making Passionflower the best store it can be. Amazing what a difference a paint can can make.

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