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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Festive Table

May we at Passionflower interest you in some happiness bringing food accoutrements?  Bowls and other tableware from Judy Jackson?  Custom made, you can choose  which bowls, plates or platters you want and pick your colors too. Or for more immediate gratification ceramic colander, egg cartons, and fruit baskets for pick up, fill with goodies and put in your fridge right now.

  P.S.  And for those of you in the know, and I think that might be about two of you reading, the deep purple scalloped piece holding the pea pods is not Judy Jackson, it's a vintage Great Impressions red cabbage bowl. Great Impressions was an iconic California studio operated by Patricia Garrett in the (I think) 80's & 90's.  She is like the pottery world equivalent of Alice Waters and she was of that geography and generation. Garrett studied in Japan and married an eastern minimalist aesthetic with a feeling for realism.   All her work reproduced fruits and vegetables. You can sometimes find pieces for sale on Etsy or antique stores.  She's been knocked off a zillion times but no one did it quite like she did.  She used to sell her work at the San Francisco Gift Show and I remember when she told me she was closing her studio.  It reminded me, nothing lasts forever.  I am so glad I kept a piece or two of hers for myself. 


  1. Thanks for posting this info about Patricia Garrett. We used to sell her beautiful work in our gift store in the 1990's and have kept a collection of her pieces for many years. We were searching our memories for information about the origin of these pieces and came upon your blog.

  2. Thank you for this mini-bio of Garrett. Her pieces are wonderful. Do you know if she still lives in Berkeley or elsewhere in the Bay Area?

    Just found a gorgeous huge Cinderella pumpkin bowl she made in 1997. So perfect for the season! Wish she was still making these pieces. Thanks again for the info.