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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Unusual Headpiece for a Wedding

Way back when, let's just say ancient history, I gathered herbs and sold bulk teas and made hair garlands and sold them at Saturday Market in Portland.  One of my favorite vendors there was Cora Hendershot and she was a wheat weaver. I think she did a lot of Renaissance fairs.  I think you know her type.   I still have a piece I bought from her hanging in my house, above my bathtub.
So how fun for me when a link to her page mysteriously showed up on Facebook. ( thumbs up for social media)  Check out  this beautiful traditional Eastern European headpiece that, should you be a bride looking for something a little different (okay a lot different), you can purchase from Cora for about $400.  Apparently, according to tradition,  weaving wheat into hairpieces ensures fertility.  Good to know.  I will put that in my bag of floral tricks.  And while I might be slightly jestful, I do often think of the meaning and symbolism when I arrange flowers, because they always tell a story and sometimes bouquet making even feels like casting a spell or uttering a blessing . And curiously, and admittedly this is un petit peu strange, I always seem to pay special attention to the so called language of flowers when I am working on funeral pieces.   So how do you like that, from weddings to funerals in one blog post? 

photo via Cora Hendershot

 And click here should you like to see Cora's site  wheatgoddess.com where there's an even more beautfiul photo of another wheat weaving headpiece she did.  It just doesn't translate well into blog world.

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