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Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's Been a Long Time Coming

Our Passionflower website is old as the hills - perhaps I'm exaggerating a tad but I will tell you that the home page has a photo of a young girl peering in the window.  See that's her above.  Well a couple of years back she was in the store with her dad and told me, "That's me on your homepage"....I never would have guessed as she had recently graduated high school.  Just to give you some inkling of how ancient the site is!!!!  I have been working for a while on revamping the site.  It's been a somewhat painful project with lots of missteps along the way.  Basically I'm a retailer not a web designer.   But I am pleased to say it's coming together slowly but surely.
Here's a shot to whet your whistle about some of the yumminess to come. 

photo courtesy Thomas Dick for the Passionflower website.

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