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Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite New Book at Passionflower

Thanks Mindy Carpenter over at the Papaya Blog for turning me on to this new book The Art of Instruction  from Chronicle Books.  It's  full of old botanical and natural history charts used to teach sciences in days gone by.....especially love the ones with black backgrounds like they've used on the cover. There is a wealth of material here for anyone into collage work or nature based art.  Or who just wants to look at nature from a different perspective. Or who would like to stir the imagination of a child.  Remember they are instruction books after all.

And said same book displayed open.  Which I think is an underused way of displaying books.  At home,   I like keeping a favorite book on my sidetable and opening it to a different page each day.  Because one shouldn't just judge a book by it's cover.  Right?  Even thought I definitely did in this case.  Happy surprise to find it so beautiful inside.  

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