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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I Love Being a Shopkeeper

There are those days when I envy all those smart etsy folks who have foregone the brick and mortar and get to stay home and bake bread while running their fabulously successful businesses,  and then I have to remember that the grass is always greener etc.... because home business can be a little isolating and that's what I love about brick and mortar.  I actually get to have a relationship with my customers and I get to know them and they constantly surprise me.  Take for instance, Mr. Zebra Fish, whom I have so named because once we got to talking it turns out he runs this ginormous zebra fish lab near the U of O.  And did you know that zebra fish are rapidly replacing mice and rats for scientific study?  I did not but this knowledge led us into an interesting discussion of why that might be.   As it turns out Mr. Zebra Fish (hereafter known as ZF) surprised me in more ways than one because I had him pegged as an 'out shopping with my girlfriend' kind of guy but as it turns out he was an 'out shopping for myself' kind of guy.  ZF as it turns out is into mid century modern.

And while Passionflower might not spring to top of mind for those on the mid century modern hunt, ZF has seen through the veil and remarked on how he likes to check us out periodically.  We think he'd dig the Roost Halo Chandelier (seen above).... and here's a couple of other things he might groove on:

Like some great Dwell Bedding or

a beautiful three legged Ethiopian stool.  Because Passionflower has always been about an earthy, organic, scientific, kind of aesthetic.  Just so happens that it works so well with so many different looks.  Thanks ZF for giving me some more insight into the Passionflower shopper.  

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