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Monday, February 6, 2012

Supporting the Handmade

My hat is off to my neighbors at Oregon Art Supply.  I was purchasing a few goodies on a Sunday afternoon, some linen tape to mount some loose cyanotypes into a book  and a blue crayon to be exact, when lo and behold the staff pulled out a screen and a squeegee.  I couldn't quite figure out what they were doing.  It seemed kind of late to be starting a class on screenprinting. Who would have imagined that they were running low on bags and were getting ready to print a new batch?  How seriously cool is that in this day and age? Before I knew it, there were brown paper bags wtih fresh black ink spread out on the counters drying. "Perhaps I would like an original screenprinted bag to put my stuff in?" they asked.  "Well, yes, yes I think I would", I said.  I love it - an art supply store that makes it's own bags.  Note and a subtle hint to my staff - do not worry - I will not add 'hand screen our daily supply of bags'  to the morning checklist but wouldn't it be fun to do this?

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