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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Support Your Local Artist

   Eugene has been particularly blessed to have an artist of Bev Soasey's stature residing in our midst's.  Bev's output is extra-ordinary and she has graced our fair city with studio sales, gallery shows, and every now and then we've had some of her objets chez Passionflower....I remember stick birdhouses and copper hearts and more recently her self bound travel books of France & Italy have graced our shelves.  And now is one of those times when Bev is showing her work at the store.  We're super happy to be open late for First Friday tomorrow for our Objects of Desire Show which will be up for the weekend and showcase some of Bev's treasures.  

Come by on Friday night from 5 to 8 and meet Bev and find something wonderful for you or your Valentine.
All images courtesy Bev's fabulous site...beverlysoasey.com

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