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Friday, February 10, 2012

More Trendspotting at NYIGF

 And besides the whole neutral, mushroom colored, earthy organic thing we saw at the New York International Gift Fair, there was lots and lots of color.....most of it  bold primaries with splashes of orange....maybe great for Miami or a kid's room but it's nothing we can swing with here at Passionflower in the Pacific Northwest......which isn't to say we don't love color   ( and always have), it's just that we'll take ours a little toned down, a little cloudier and moodier.  Like these rich plum and violets with a touch or turqoise in the jewelry shown  above.

Or anything rich and saturated and in velvet like these spools of ribbon.

 And come May you'll be able to indulge in these brightly embroidered cotton kaftans at Passionflower.  We love color and you'll be seeing plenty of it at the store this year. 

1 comment:

  1. Those bracelets are so pretty- Bright! But super pretty.
    Did not see those....

    Lovely blog post.