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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Special Find

 I have always loved these painting from Rajastan  - they're contemporary offshoots of Mughal miniatures in which the artists use  pages from old Persian texts as paper to paint on.  And they're using old techniques in their paint making and probably brushwork too.(like they're grinding pigment /stone and gum arabic to create this very opage paint that goes on flat and deep and rich...)...

 Many of the pieces have verso sides that are calligraphically beautiful.  I would frame these so both sides are visible.

I have a moose and a lizard and a a peach and a violet but the birds are my favorite....

I've had a few over the years but the old man I used to by them from hasn't been around for a while.  He might have retired or wandered off to an ashram in India.....so I felt lucky to find these.  I might even keep one.!!

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