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Friday, September 16, 2011

Handspun, Handwoven Vintage Cotton Textile from Mexico

I have finally taken the plunge, and decided if I didn't just set a time and buy a ticket I would never make it back to Mexico.  I probably haven't divulged this but I have this secret fantasy of organizing tours to Mexico (plant tours, bird tours, art tours, food tours,colonial church tours etc...the list is endless)....first step on actually turning fantasy into reality is learn Spanish so here I am back in Mexico - theoretically learning spanish.....and letting my mind wander where it may.  I am in Oaxaca which is a huge craft center and there is a long, long (as in over a thousand years) tradition of weaving and an amazing textile museum which honors the craft.  Check out an album of photos I made here which will give you just the tiniest taste of this very special museum.     And of course all of this would not be possible were it not for the amazing staff holding down the fort at Passionflower  Thanks you guys.

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