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Monday, July 25, 2011

Making Natural Pigments with Tilke Elkins

I finally had a chance to make it over to the Voyeur Gallery in Whiteaker and chanced upon one of the most interesting , quirky, charming, wierdly compelling things I have come upon, dare I say, ever. Artist Tilke Elkins has been experimenting with natural pigments and making her own paints. The show features many of her nature fantasy paintings all done with paints she made. Kind of like the artist's version of grow your own . Below is one of her sample palettes. Pretty cool huh? All of these colors come from plants or minerals that she gathers herself.

But then Ms. Elkins has gone a step further and created these little watercolor sets.

She's using shells to hold the paint and then shells to be the box....

Look, six paint colors in your highly portable mussel shell.

It's like some kind art/food hybrid. I knew it was for painting but I wanted to taste it.

Click here to check out more about Ms. Elkins.

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