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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Amazing World of Flowering Grasses

You know those blogs where people write about their imaginary closets and show you pictures of all the clothes they would like to have in them? Well this is about my imaginary art collection and all the work I would like to have in it. ( Of course there would also have to be the imaginary amazing building to house the collection and all the imaginary time in the world to enjoy it.) These prints by a childhood friend of mine would definitely have a room or two in said building.

Matilda Essig lives in the American Southwest and has been working on restoring native grass habitat on her property. Simultaneously she's been making these large scale giclee prints - almost three by four feet- of the various grasses on her land.

...There's just so much to love here. We don't usually think of grasses as having flowers. And beautiful ones at that. Plus these images allow us to contemplate a world that's hard to see.
And they make me think so much about grasses and how much they give to us ......mostly all of our grains like rice and corn and wheat are grasses....and about wind polllination....I can almost see the wind blowing these grasses about...oh and about so many other things too.......Click here to go to her site Matilda Essig dot com and see more of her work.....and click here to read the article about her art and restoration experiences.

All images courtesy and copyright Matilda Essig.

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