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Monday, November 1, 2010

My New Obsession

For your viewing pleasure..........I've been spending way too much time putting collage photos together but also working hard on photos for the new shopping site....shoppassionflower dot com.....coming soon......so here ya go....a little preview of our jewelry cases.....

My favorite photo collage above .....

From top to bottom: Cast bronze Hermes Medallion, Gopher Jawbone Necklace, and Carved Mammoth Bone Cherub.

\ A little holiday bling.

And we haven't even made it to earrings and bracelets......


  1. That deer necklace is awesome!!!! How does one get one?

  2. Come visit the store or call us at 541-344-3857 and we'll be happy to make that happen for you.
    It's a great piece.