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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Studio Choo & Flora Grubb

FYI , we have very much been grooving on the floral designs coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area lately......(well not just lately I have always loved San Francisco designers for their whimsy and the interesting mix of materials that comes from their climate and their sense of abandon). A couple of our favorites:
The most charming and understated Studio Choo. Here's a vignette they did using brown tincture bottles of varying sizes. Doesn't it just scream fall without screaming?

And here's an unusual bridal bouquet by the design studio called flora grubb. These are the folks taking tillandsias to new heights. And they're into vertical gardening too!
Succulents and tillandsias with privet berry, maroon scabiosa, and that fabulous string of pearls hanging down. Thanks to both places for the gracious use of their photos. Perhaps a field trip to the SF area is in order. :)

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