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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Gifts for Nature Lovers

For gardeners, foodies, and those generally smitten with charming books here's one we wish we'd written .....

This charming little tome features life size photos of 47 different apples that the author collected last summer in California. Each duo of pages shows the apple whole and the same apple cut in half. Text is only used to name the varieties. It's simple, it's minimal, and it's hopeful. Give this as a holiday gift with a jar of your homemade applesauce....or with a small apple tree to plant.

But the book I want everyone to have is English author Daniel Butler's How to Plant a Tree -

This pretty, oh so pretty, hardbound book is chock full of information alongside beautiful engravings that suggest all kinds of wonderful trees to plant to mark the special occassions in our lives - births, new homes, marriages, deaths and other meaningful times. I LOvE ThIS BooK
!! I like how it feels in the hand, I like how it makes me stop at every page, I like how it teaches me lots of things I never knew, I like that the ink is blue. I like how it makes me want to gather with others and plant a tree. So that's what we're sayin' here at Passionflower....eat some apples and plant a tree.
Find both these books for your inspired gift giving when you visit us at Passionflower.

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