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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Visiting Lark Press in Portland

Here's one of my favorite cards we've had at the shop this year..It's from Lark Press in Portland..and since I was going to Portland and since I'd heard they had their studio kitty korner across the street from Ink & Peat, I figured I could have a most excellent shopping adventure on North Williams St. and meet the folks whose cards I sell as well.
(please do take a moment to take note of the card as it is the classic one speed girl bike - the bike we all dream about)

So after a most inspiring visit to Ink & Peat, in which I was so enchanted I neglected to take my camera out so that you will just have to go to Pam's great blog Housemartin to get an idea of how special her store is, I walked across the street and found
Lark Press.

It's part working studio,
(here's their letterpresses)

and part tres charmant retail with a quasi industrial vibe.

Industrial, urban, and cozy....I liked it.

They had a few walls of cards with a carefully vetted selection. All a little crisp and clean but soulful and witty too.

Plus they evidently had a love of nature and embrace the quirky. What's not to love?
Especially this happy little totem pole like succulent in the brown pot above.

Besides cards, they had original art - most of it hand pressed or printed or pulled by one of the three artists whose work you see above.

Even their brown paper bags were works of art.
I can't wait to show you what I took home with me. Stay tuned.

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