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Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Things that Make me Happy

As a disclaimer, I know it's not really "things" that make us happy, but here are some things that are related to things, that right now, bring me some small measure of happiness ......hope I have confused you just enough, but not too much.....forthwith - Things that Make Me Happy


The congruence between a piece of wasp nest and a piece of coral.

The tiny paper pennant nametags that Becky has been making for weddings. I cannot say why these make me so happy but they do. Over and over. I think I shall never tire of them.

The way the binth folk put a dot on both sides of the letter "i" in their name. Now somehow seeing their letter "I" unleashed a whole torrent of alphabetic possibilities - something that makes me quite happy. (also this is a nod to Lindsey who says I should link to other
blogs more in my blog)......so click here if you'd like to link to the binth blog. These graphic designers from Chicago first came to my attention when I saw their great playing cards which I wish they would push this direction further. While I wait for this, they're doing a lot of fun baby and children's things .

And did I mention the big glass bottle and how happy it makes me? I think I did. This is all my way of saying that sometimes it's not people and relationships that make us happy. It's other "things".

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