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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping it Light for Summer

A few shots from the store this past spring and summer with commentary from yours truly.
Beautiful Swedish owl print on a white ground.......who says owls are just for fall and winter?

Ditto blankets - our favorites for summer are these Austrian made David Fussenegger fleece blankets because we love the prints.....picnic blankets? wrap yourself up in one on a cool morning in July (yup it's that kind of summer here in Oregon) ? baby blanket? bed for the pampered pooch?

Seems I'm all about cool colors these days.....

Lots of blues and greens.....and I want to back it all up with whites and creams.

Faux bois grain vase by Oly Studio - ceramics by Eigen Arts.......

And I'll drop in touches of teal and olive but still want to keep it cool.
(and as a complete aside - how come I have yet to sell this over the top baroque mirror in unfinished wood by Roost (seen on the wall above)?.....to me it is a really tongue in cheek comment about mixing the rustic and the refined....Hello, it is handcarved! That's a lot of craftsmanship.)

I think of all these cool colors as "the softer side of Passionflower".

Happy Summer Mornings from Passionflower.


  1. What a wonderful posting! It made me long for mornings on my big front porch in the South, where I was born... See you this weekend!

  2. The Roost mirror has always caught my eye, and the Oly Studio vase...beautiful! I guess it's time for a passionflower fix! See you soon..and I'll bring treats. XOXO

  3. Jody we love your treats. When are you opening your cupcake shop? Check out this cute little shop somewhere in California
    We could make your sweet shop cute like this.