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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cast Metal Woodpecker Skulls

Remember this beauty?...... cast vermeil woodpecker skull on pearl chain?

Then there were two - silver and gold.

And they had a whole bunch of little baby woodpecker skulls
who are now sporting silk ribbon cords and happily ensconced in one
You know those Hallmark cards that play music when you open them?
Do you think I could find someone to figure out how we could do that so that when
you opened this drawer you would hear the sound of lots of hungry baby birds
chirping away? Part of our quest to provide you with an ever expanding sensory experience
at Passionflower. Life is full of surprises.


  1. Hi....I saw one of your birds on a wait-person last week. I need one. How can I buy online?

  2. Ann -
    We're still living in the dark ages.......online buying wise. Call us at 541-344-3857 and we'll make it all happen for you.......or we can do everything via email if you prefer......They are fabulous no? Plus only $34......can I send you one of each finish?