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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

Special events deserve meaningful and beautiful gifts. We can help you find those.

See this little beauty? It's a little metal candlesnuffer shaped to look like a cap with a feather. It was one of my favorite things in my childhood home.....and it was a wedding gift to my parents from my mom's penniliess schoolteacher friend. And now it sits on my dining table putting an end to many a festive candlelit evening.

Which is all kind of a long roundabout way of saying that even the simplest of wedding gifts can create real, meaningful, lasting memories. And then there's always the issues of practicality. We like a wedding gift that's going to see a lifetime of use.

Like these fabulous, do the happy dance, look good almost everywhere candlesticks.

Cast iron, horn, and bone. They've got a great earthy, organic look that can work in all kinds of home environments. A single one is very zen and a grouping of 5 or so well, that's the extra happy dance.
And here's a hybrid octopus, sea urchin candlestick. So much better than a blender from Target, don't you think?

Now I'm guessing a whole lot of salads will be made over the years in one of these wooden bowls.
For me, the big wooden salad bowl is a classic. And we'll teach you how to take care of it so it will only get better with age.

Napkins and tablecloths also make fun, affordable wedding gifts - maybe not to last a lifetime (unless of course you want some fabulous french linens from Le Jacquard Francais, which we will be happy to special order for you) - but they're a great way to help a couple start off.

As is glassware - okay pretty much anything food or drink related makes a great wedding gift.
What can I say, food can be the great cement in the house of love.....

Now this may not be the gift for everyone - but this Laura Zindel platter would make some crow loving couple very happy. And it's food related :)

Maybe a more traditional couple would love a Sid Dickens monogram tile. (Unless it's in stock, plan on about 6 to 8 weeks for this to arrive.)

Another gift to last a lifetime and then some......under $30 and perfect for the gardening couple.

And then there's the not so practical gift.....okay the not even remotely practical gift but the one that will still bring untold pleasure over a lifetime - the soul resonating gift - otherwise know as art.....I like giving art - things that can be hung on the wall and looked at for the rest of your life.
Like this pair of butterflies - loaded with symbolism for a happy marriage.

Or this beautiful handcrafted piece of pottery by local artist Lynn

And here's John Derian's fabulous tray that says what's important.......

And last but not least, this John Derian postcard, which we think would look great as a tag on a beautifully wrapped wedding gift. Because, don't forget, wrapping the gift is almost as much fun as picking out the present.


  1. Nice post, Jewel! I love the urchin/octopus candlestick photo.... makes me want to get married just so someone can give me a pair of those.

  2. Now Becky - marriage is a sacred union not a reason for accumulating beautiful things.
    Then again who says sacred unions and beautiful things don't go together.

  3. Wow, these wedding gifts look outstanding. I am just in love with all of these ideas. At the local Seattle venues we would also be attending a grand ceremony and were confused regarding the gifts. You have given a couple of nice options and I would definitely go for one of those.