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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Passionflower Design Celebrates with Festones

Happy Cinco de Mayo, which contrary to general thinking, is not Mexican Independence Day.....It celebrates winning some battle against the French (I think).......But near as I can figure, it is one more reason
the Mexican people have found to celebrate. They have their priorities straight don't you think?
Here's a church in Chiapas all decked out. Those ubiquitous colorful hanging paper (or plastic) pieces flying in the wind are not Buddhist prayer flags......they are called "festones" in Mexico and they are strung everywhere for celebrations. They have different ones for different occasions. We're selling brightly colored ones with flower themes and we have great all white wedding ones too..(stay tuned and I'll show a photo)....
Here's a photo of a tiny street mercado. The market is, to me, one of the essential Mexican experiences. The mexican people love trade and commerce and the conviviality of shopping. Hey we like that too at Passionflower!!

Here's a native women selling her corn at the local mercado. Do you love her woven bag? I did enough to spend half a day searching out their source. Could only find small ones which I brought back and watched fly out the door.

And here's a little shrine to the Virgen of Guadalupe filled with flowers and candles.......So Happy Cinco de Mayo & Happy Mother's Day too......the sun is shining today and I still miss Mexico!

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