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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Katie Swenson Comes to Passionflower

Many of you may know these charming porcelain pieces as a Passionflower staple.....I've always loved these rabbits because sometimes I look at them and they're barely hanging on trying to keep it all together. Other times, they look like they're free spirited and frolicking. To me they're a metaphor for moving through life.....There is something just right about them. I've given them as baby gifts and get well gifts too ......

How lucky for us that their maker Katie Swenson agreed to be our First Friday Artist coming up on April 2nd.........

Lots of beautiful porcelain pieces and she's guest curating the front window.........stay tuned for more posts on Katie & her work.......and click here to go to her website.


  1. What?! I die. These are insane. Must see. Must have.

  2. Seriously Liesel - Katie is like an artist who is channeling her own strong clear vision which happens to be about delicacy and light and softness and lots of other things too....
    Come by with your kids (if you dare).....I think they'd love the little bunny window too.