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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Beautiful Handmade Card Arrives in the Mail -

Becky opened this card from long lost artist Sue Tackmier in Portland.......she wondered had she made it and mailed it to herself in a dream? Needless to say we were enchanted.
Just the other day I was planning an October window display with Lynn Peterson about blackbirds and here comes one in the mail.....

Sue sent her business card in a glassine envelope onto which she has stamped her seal.
I love this and am now going to search for the one we had made when we incoporated....
I think we will start stamping glassine envelopes and anything else we can think of......
So happy to see some of her cards again - she is my Edward Gorey in sister disguise.
Sue told me she has been busy making shoes for ants......(Did I mention she is extremely droll - that's funny in an odd way)....I'd like to see some of those shoes.

This will make a lovely Valentine's card.


  1. Jewel...how creative is she!! Love that card. I always think a Valentine card is special when handmade. This one takes the cake!! Enjoying your blog. You are so damn creative. Glad you use your powers for good. PS...My mother-in-law told me that my son is droll...he's 16 months old...should I be scared?

  2. I just ordered 3 dozen cards from her so there should be some special surprises for St. Valentine's Day.