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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Gift Wrapping with Rubber Stamps

Last week when it was time to wrap some packages, I pulled out my tried and trusty DIY gift wrap kit which consisted of
Cavallini rubber stamp alphabet kit, a black inkpad, and a glue stick.
Some might call it recycling, others might say I was going green with my gift wrap, but I say I was putting my packrat tendencies to good use when I cut up this paper bag I'd been saving and used it to label my USPS Priority Mail box.....

I liked the strong imagery of strange animals.

And there was lots of space for the address...

And it was playful and fun. It made me smile.
It made the person who got the package smile.

And it even made the postman smile. So how about that?
Paperbags and rubber stamps and duct tape.

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