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Friday, December 11, 2009

Amaryllis a la Passionflower

Disclaimer -Here's more bad photos of good flowers....okay well maybe not bad photos but they don't do the designs justice. We were looking for a simple (that's code for inexpensive) wrap for amaryllis plants. We get these amazing 2 or 3 spike amaryllis but the plastic pots they come in just don't do it for me. Also I wanted something earthy and natural......

I found rolls of coconut bark up in Portland and Julianne wrapped them around the plants and for just a touch of panache tied them with a paperwhite bulb and a sprig of pine.

There could be a lot of variations on this theme (mostly in what you use to tie the coconut bark and also in how you moss the top of the po)t. I'm excited for us to start playing around with this.

Coconut bark adds great texture and blurs the line between man made and natural......
Stay tuned for more holiday designs.

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