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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hints of Christmas at Passionflower Design

We need an organizing principle, a way to think about our displays as we plan what we are buying and how we will show it......We called this one "Opulent Nature" and we made long lists of all the things we could incorporate into it while still leaving room for it to evolve as we put it together....
Chandeliers & Champagne Glasses & Wine Goblets set in a bed of mossy branches seemed obvious (in a good way)... for our Thanksgiving/Christmas display. I like it all sparkly
but earthy too. -Then we added finger sponges and fan coral....suddenly we have a leitmotif..."Opulent Nature" became
"Shipwrecked in the midst of Christmas Dinner on the Titanic"....

Flashbacks to the past.

And hidden treasures from the sea.

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