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Monday, November 2, 2009

Barb Campbell Ceramics at Passionflower Design

Sometime, I think I am getting wiser in my old age. With 3,000 square feet of store to merchandise (that's trade talk for making it look good), it can be a challenge. Especially this time of year with loads of new merchandise coming in. And we always want the front window to look extra special.. Realizing I don't have to do it all (that' s the older/wiser part), I asked Barb Campbell if she'd like to "do" our front window for her upcoming First Friday Artwalk Show.....
She was gracious enough to agree.

Here's a photo of Barb and her husband Javier when we first started talking about this idea last summer....they came and took some measurements. We repainted the floor....and then last Thursday they came and set up. I think of it as an artist driven installation.

Here's a night shot of part of the window from the outside.
Everything is sitting on an old drafting table.

The same table from the inside of the store. I like how it looks like you're peeking into the artist's private space. It's how I might imagine Barb's studio.

And in this spilled cup above, the artist is perhaps telling us some of her thoughts and feelings about color.

Here she muses on the utilitarian nature of the vessel. Plus I love all the tools many of which appear to be handmade. There's even a porcupine quill in there. I think she bought that at Passionflower!

And in this teapot we find a craftsmanship so strong that it can be used in the service of playfulness and whimsy.

And what is this beautiful assemblage laying here? Be still my beating heart.

A color xerox, a handmade brush , a pen drawing,
a natural part, and a clay object. I look a little closer. The clay piece looks like a seed head or a sieve. I can't tell if the natural object (that's around 7 o'clock in the photo above) is the handle of a pumpkin or a tiny antler. I think the little object attached with string to the end of the brush is a stamp Barb uses in the clay. I am enchanted. It is man and nature in some mystical conversation.

And finally a view from the top.....this window is so much richer and fuller than these photos can convey. If you like what you see, I encourage you to come take a peek in our window.

Or better yet, visit us for First Friday where Barb will be showing an entire table full of her beautiful pots, vessels, teapots, and more.....


  1. LOVE this blog post Jewel. I love your words and photos and I love how it shows the power of collaboration.

    Gorgeous. Genius.

    Amy D

  2. Dear Amy -
    One of the upsides of these down economic times is that we are creating stronger community as we realize more and more how we can all help each other out. Everybody has something to give. At Passionflower that has meant opening up our "space" to artists who in turn offer our customers something special...
    We plan to do more work with local artists.