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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ribbon Details on a Bridal Bouquet

We had a lovely and talented DIY bride (more posts to follow).....
She scored a lot of good stuff on Etsy.

and had this whimsical -romantic vibe.

The bouquet was beautiful (more posts to follow).
And we wanted the ribbon wrap to be equally as stunning. I always think of the wrap as the haute couture portion of the flowers. It's a detail meant mostly for the wearer.

When she finished making the bouquet, Julianne said, "Let's use buttons on the wrap."

And lucky for us we could pop right over to our neighbor at Pewter Rabbit Antiques and peruse their multiple button jars. 40 cents later and with a lot of fine fingerwork from Julianne.....

She used dupioni silk, grosgrain, and satin ribbon and finished the ends off with plummy brown rayon trimming.

Perfectly imperfect.

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