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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our New Pine Cone Hill Showroom at Passionflower

Truth be told, we have this funky and fun space in our upstairs balcony that has become a catch all. Think stereo equipment, sale items, lunchroom, & shipping all rolled into one.
Our first ever bedding sale became a great inspiration to revamp the space.
So last week we had at it....I wish I had some before pictures. It was really fun.
We mined the downstairs and set up bedding vignettes.

Asian chair, duvet cover, & a beautiful moth orchid.

More variations on a theme. And below we were trying to find the perfect print to go with the little twin bed....
So that's just a peek at our new upstairs space.....Becky has to keep telling me that we're going to keep it simple and streamlined. And I think we will. It's refreshing & relaxing.

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